12 Oz Enamel Camping Mug
12 Oz Enamel Camping Mug

12 Oz Enamel Camping Mug

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These are classical enamel cup with traditional techniques. These cups have enamel coating for sublimation printing. They are perfect for camp counselors, outdoor enthusiasts, people who grow beards, and basically any occasion to wear flannel — or just any coffee or soup fan is fine too.

  • Lead and Cadmium Free and conforms to FDA requirements. 
  • Very light, yet durable 
  • Appeals to both the outdoor enthusiasts and customers who are looking for the retro look when enjoying hot or cold beverages.
  • Size: 12oz
  • Dimensions:  3.1'' x 3.4'' / 8*8.6cm
  • Printing area: 2.6'' x 7.5'' / 6.5*19cm
  • Hand Washing Only. Dishwasher cleaning may rough the surface of the Enamel product. Hand washing can ensure a smooth and bright surface for many years. 

Please note that due to the nature of enamel products, the surface of each mug will differ slightly. You may notice tiny lumps and bumps in some mugs, and the occasional small blemish, mark, and scratch, particularly around the lip. This is the nature of enamel mugs and adds to its rustic look.


Peel Hot
Equipment Mug Press
Image Mirror
Mug Element 11/15 oz Mug
Pressure Light
Application Temperature 360°F (180°C)
Time 180 seconds
Mug Press Imaging Instructions
Mug Press Setup: Before pressing, test the pressure using a blank enamel mug. The pressure should be light. Adjust pressure accordingly.
Ensure that your mug press has reached the idle or press temperature before using.
Do not use excessive pressure .Doing so will damage your mug press and damage your item. The enamel mug must have the top rim edge hanging out of the mug press. Ensure that the top rim is not affecting the pressure.
  1. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto your mug. Place the image toward the mug.
  2. Ensure that you have set the correct temperature & time for your mug press model. 
  3. Place the mug into your mug press. Ensure the mug press has reached the temperature.
  4. Close Mug Press.
  5. a) Mug presses with idle temperatures will start raising the temperature until press temperature is reached. Then it will start counting down.
    b) Mug presses without an idle temperature will start counting down immediately.
    Note: It is normal to see the temperature lower when you close the press. This has been accounted for.
  6. Once pressing is done, use gloves or heat resistant cloth to handle the hot mug. Immediately peel off sublimation paper.
    Caution: Enamel Mug is extremely hot when in the heat press, do not handle with bare hands
  7. Leave on the table to cool. Do not dunk in water as it may crack the glaze.

For time and temperature, please follow the instructions that came with your mug press.