14 Oz Ceramic Storage Jar
14 Oz Ceramic Storage Jar

14 Oz Ceramic Storage Jar

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This Ceramic Jar features a bale closure, is beautifully designed for storage of seasoning, biscuits or any other stuff you want to place. It is well coated for sublimation printing. Specially crafted, it just makes a stylish storage jar that can safely hold your privacy. Great for storing your kitchen ingredients, sugar, coffee, tea bags, or cookies.

Can be used with Vinyl and Sublimation

Size:  14oz
Dimensions: 8.5cm x 13cm
Printing area: 8.5cm x 9cm

Recommended Time and Temperature: 

Press Temperature: 360F (180C) Time: 150-180 seconds

Imaging Instructions

Please follow the instructions that came with your mug press. 

Peel Hot
Equipment Mug Press or Convection Oven
Image Mirror
Mug Element Water Bottle
Pressure Light
Application Temperature 360°F

150-180 seconds

1. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto your jar.

2. Ensure that you have set the correct temperature & time for your mug press model. Temperatures & times are listed below.

3. Place the jar into your mug press. Ensure mug press has reached temperature.

4. Close Mug Press.

5. a) Mug presses with idle temperature will start raising the temperature until press temperature is reached. Then it will start counting down. b) Mug presses without an idle temperature will start counting down immediately. Note: It is normal to see the temperature lower when you close the press. This has been accounted for.

6. Once pressing is done, immediately peel off sublimation paper.

7. Dunk in warm water. Leave on Table to dry