20 Oz Sublimation Hookah Tumbler
20 Oz Sublimation Hookah Tumbler
20 Oz Sublimation Hookah Tumbler

20 Oz Sublimation Hookah Tumbler

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Hookah or Cold Smoke Tumbler can be used with Cold Water or Cold Water and Ice

How do I use the Hookah Tumbler?
-Fill the tumbler full of ice
- Add your desired amount of water (Test the heaviness of the pull before adding an attachment to gauge the hit. If it feels heavy decrease the amount of water, if you would like a heavier hit increase the amount of water.)
- Pull until you see your desired amount of smoke 
- Remove attachment (bowl) and inhale.
- Enjoy cold smooth hit!


These 20oz stainless steel hookah tumblers with clear straws make great gift ideas. These beautiful stainless steel double-wall tumblers keep your hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold. 

You can sublimate them from top to bottom and they have an easy-to-grasp shape. The clear plastic lids come with these skinny tumblers have an easy opening that can be slid to close.

Add your design to the great tumbler.

  • Size: 20oz/600ml
  • Easy to be personalized, great gift idea
  • Fits Most Cup Holders
  • Comes with plastic lid and clear plastic straw

Usage: Sublimation, Infusible Ink, Vinyl, Epoxy and Glitter
Size: 20 Oz
Material:  Stainless Steel
Straight: Yes
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated: Yes
Dishwasher Safe: No, as the heat in a dishwasher can break vacuum seals and can potentially cause damage to the print, vinyl, or epoxy that has been applied.

Lid: Hookah lid with inner steel straw and glass bowl

Straw: Silicone Straw

Recommended Times & Temps: 
Temp and Time for Press: 356F for 1 minute if not a full wrap. If a full wrap 356F for 45 seconds then 180 degree turn and press for an additional 45 seconds.
Temp and Time for Oven: 360F for 6 minutes turn at 3 minutes.
*These are recommended temp and times only. You may need to adjust temp and time to get optimal results from your oven or press.