Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

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White top mouse pad with black base.  Excellent for promotional items and personalized gifts.  Can be used with sublimation or heat transfer papers/flex

Size:  8.75" x 7" x 3mm

Recommendations only: (Each press has its own recommended times and temps please refer to your user guide)

Temperature: 400ºF / Time: 35-45 seconds / Pressure: light to medium

Tips: Prepare your artwork and size transfer with consideration to the size of the item. Using heat resistant tape, fasten the item in position facing the printed side of the transfer. Place the item on the heat press with the transfer on top of the item. Cover transfer with parchment paper. Press with light to medium pressure for 35-45 seconds. Remove transfer immediately and set item to the side to cool. * (I use parchment paper under pad and on top of A sub paper).

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